Safe Kids Day

Kids are going to fall, crash, slip, explore. It’s part of being a kid. But we can protect them from serious injuries.

Most people are surprised to learn that preventable injuries – things like car crashes, drowning, fires and falls – are the leading cause of death to kids in the United States. Around the world a million children die each year from preventable injuries.

We can change this.

Safe Kids Day Presented by Nationwide is a day to celebrate kids, prevent injuries and save lives.  Our big Safe Kids Day celebration is on April 11. But just remember,   Safe Kids coalitions work all year long to raise awareness and teach parents the simple things they can do to keep their children safe.

Last year Safe Kids California and 18 local coalitions around the state conducted 1,700 education and training events and  distributed more than 7,000 car seats, helmets, life jackets, cribs, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to needy families   ̶   all free! The month of April is the one time each year we ask for help from our friends and supporters.

Can you help? Please click here to learn more.