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All we know that acne can take a toll on confidence and make you feel disgusting. So let’s figure out what things can provoke it and how you can solve this problem and prevent it in the future. The best specialists at the kindly proposed us their help to find the best remedies for this issue, so check them out. Reasons of acne Different weather conditions, wrong ecology treatment, and inconsistent nutrition provoke too oily skin and opening pores, so actually what we name ‘acne’ is a pore filled with a dirty. The primary reason of opening pores is an inconsistent nutrition, and all dietologists and dermatologists know about it. Eating lots spicy, fried, salty, and fatty dishes isn’t good for our body. Simple solutions for acne As you understand from the previous paragraph, you should start with proper nutrition. Avoid eating harmful fast foods and replace them with more healthy green leafy plants and veggies. Eat more kale, bok choy, parsley, spinach, different sweet fruit. They are full of different vitamins – and what is more important – cellulose, which helps an organism to remove the toxins from a body. Clean your face daily with an organic cleanser, you can find it in any organic shop. Do sports, it provokes sweating, opens pores and contributes to removing the toxins. Homemade scrub Go for a scrub with coffee or sugar; it will gently remove oils and dirt from a face. You can even make it at home. Combine a ½ cup of a cocoa oil with a ½ cup of a ground coffee or sugar, add two tablespoons of a lemon juice and two drops of an essential tea tree oil. Apply the mixture on face and gently rub it for 2-3 minutes. Rinse  facial skin with cold water. Cocoa oil will deeply moisturize skin, while the coffee (or sugar) removes all dirt and excess oils, lemon juice and tea tree oil will dry skin a bit and calm it. Everything is quite simple, isn’t it? Just don’t forget to follow all these steps on a regular basis.