From the moment your baby starts to crawl, the world is a magical place filled with new adventures and discoveries. From a child’s perspective, everything is a potential mountain to climb (that giant bookshelf), obstacle to overcome (those pesky stairs) or mysterious place to investigate (anywhere beyond the safety gate). Little bumps will happen but we’re here to help so these brave expeditions don’t result in something more serious.

Install Window Guards and Stops

  • Screens are meant to keep bugs out, not children in. Properly install window guards to prevent unintentional window falls. For windows above the first floor, include an emergency release device in case of fire.
  • Install window stops so that windows open no more than four inches.

Open Windows From the Top and Close After Use

  • If you have windows that can open from both top and bottom, make a habit of opening just the top to prevent accidental falls. Keep in mind that as kids grow, they may have enough strength, dexterity and curiosity to open the bottom.
  • Keep windows locked and closed when they are not being used.

Keep Kids From Climbing Near Windows

  • For your crawlers and climbers, move chairs, cribs and other furniture away from windows to help prevent window falls.
  • Never move a child who appears to be seriously injured after a fall – call 911 and let trained medical personnel move the child with proper medical precautions

Secure Kids When Seated

  • Keep babies and young kids strapped in when using high chairs, infant carriers, swings and strollers.
  • If your baby is in a carrier, remember to place it on the floor, not on top of a table or other furniture.

Help Babies Learn to Stand and Walk Safely

  • There are some things to know about baby walkers: They don’t come with safety features that prevent the walkers from rolling down the stairs, and it’s easy for children to fall or reach higher objects that may be unsafe. So please be extra careful.
  • Because baby walkers can be dangerous, try using a stationary activity center. These items give your baby a chance to practice standing and moving more safely. Look for one that is on a stable, non-moveable base and place it away from stairs, hot appliances or window cords.

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