Smart Parents Safe Kids is a home safety education program for family service providers and educators. It is designed to expand the capacity of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) and other family service agencies to deliver child injury prevention and home safety education to the parents/caregivers in their service areas. The curriculum and tools provided in the program will help FRCs raise awareness of home injury risks and increase parent/caregiver capacity to keep their children safe.

This program was made possible with generous support from Wells Fargo.

Why should my agency participate in Smart Parents Safe Kids?

Every year, more than 2,200 children die from injuries that happen at home. And for every death there are many more children who are seriously injured. Suffocation, drowning, fires and burns, and falls account for many of these deaths. But while many parents are worried about home safety issues like fires and falls, a recent study by Safe Kids Worldwide shows that they are less aware of other risks that actually cause more injuries to children.

Safe Kids surveyed 1,010 parents in the U.S. with children ages 12 and under. What we learned was surprising. For example, the risk of sleep-related death did not make the list of concerns, although unsafe sleep environments are the leading cause of unintentional death for children less than one year of age. Only 4 percent of parents surveyed said they were worried about poisoning, although poisoning is one of the leading causes of death and injury of young children. Just 1 percent said they are concerned about drowning, yet drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages 1-14 in California, with 75 percent of deaths occurring among children 1-4 years old. Nearly half of parents surveyed said they have left their child unattended in a bathtub, despite the fact that young children can drown in just a few inches of water in the time it takes to answer the phone.

Historically, FRC focus has been on parenting education, mental/dental health, crisis intervention, access to basic needs and violence prevention. The addition of the Smart Parents Safe Kids program will build the capacity of your FRC to include child injury prevention in your arsenal of parent/caregiver services. It will give you the tools to teach parents the simple things they can do to protect their children at home.

How does the program work?

Safe Kids California will conduct 10 FREE webinars (approximately 60-75 minutes long) in a train-the-trainer format. Each webinar will be recorded and available online to service providers. Additional resources, including training power points and tip sheets, are available below.

1) Home Safety – Why It Matters
Home Safety – Why It Matters – Recorded Webinar
2) ABC’s of Drowning Prevention
3) Demystifying Child Product Recalls
4) Child Passenger Safety/Safety In and Around Cars
Safety In and Around Cars – Recorded Webinar
5) Safe Sleep Baby
Safe Sleep Baby – Recorded Webinar
6) Home Fire/Burn Prevention
Home Fire Safety – Recorded Webinar
7) Cooking Safety
Cooking Safety – Recorded Webinar
8) Falls Prevention and Furniture/TV Tip-overs
Falls Prevention – Recorded Webinar
9) E-cigarette Poison Prevention
E-cigarette Poison Prevention – Recorded webinar

Why Home Safety Matters Toolkit

Burn/Fire Prevention Toolkit

Child Passenger Safety Toolkit

Cooking Safety Toolkit

Drowning Prevention Toolkit

Falls Prevention Toolkit

Infant Safe Sleep Toolkit

Poisoning Prevention Toolkit

Child Product Recalls

Visit our Recalls page to find out more about recent recalls of child products.